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tinggalkan kesan tapak kaki anda di sini :)

bad news be4 ramadhan ;(

28th july at  8.57 pm  i got called from my bro
he said dat my grandpa was passed away
n know what,i sat down when heard that news
i think dat my bro joking wif me
when i asked him,he said dats not joke anymore
honestly i said i can't believe dis
how come i believe oll dis while be4 i go back to PALAM,my late grandpa was in good condition
i even managed 2 meet him be4 leaving.
a week later i get news of his death
how come i believe dis
oll dis is difficult 2 me 2 accept
i'm only able 2 pray 4 my late grandpa
i can't back 2 terngganu as de news comes late
i got dis news at night while my late grandpa passed away in de morning
when i asked my bro,y i get kno at de night.
he said dat dey dun want interfere my study
ohhh,i want giv my last respect 2 my late grandpa
but i can't...;(

 I hope the spirit of my late grandfather meditate in peace ... may his soul belongs among the righteous...INSYAALLAH

like kalu suka!OFF ur lappy kalau x suke!

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shah said...

sory bu,pa xde time 2...
n 4 de col i'm bzy sgt mlm 2
pa ada discussion until midnight n i forgot 2 col u back
bu,sbr bebnyak ye..even ur grndpa da xde still ada org len yg prlukn syuman bu...
ktaorg sume xnk tgok bu sdey2 tau...
k imy ily...